Start your day with sparkles: carbonated cold brew is happening

You may like your coffee many ways: decaf, doppio, semi-sweetened, extra ice, no ice, but Stumptown is offering another way to enhance your order: sparkling!

The Portland-based coffee company is rolling out their new cold brew tonic at their two New York cafes this week!

Stirred to order by your barista, this sparking coffee drink mixes cold brew concentrate, Fever-Tree tonic water and is topped with a Luxardo cherry. The icy coffee cocktail offers a nice boost of caffeine and coolness for those sticky summer days.

Inspired by European cafes that serve tonic water alongside a shot of espresso, Stumptown’s baristas worked on their recipe for eight months, option for a botanical tonic water that brings out fruity and floral tasting notes in the Ethiopian beans. And of course, a cherry on top never hurt anyone. The carbonated cold brew tastes much lighter than your average coffee drink, and there’s a bit of elegance to enjoying bubbles with your mid-afternoon coffee cocktail.

Stumptown plans to sell their cold brew tonic, $4, starting on June 12th and throughout the summer.

But Stumptown isn’t the only place to sip up carbonated iced coffee.

Popular gourmet coffee shop Box Kite, which just opened its second location on the Upper West Side, serves an espresso tonic, also using Fever-Tree, in its shops.

The East Village’s Northern Spy Food Co. has been serving cold brew with seltzer for years, adding an extra pop to your morning drink.

Sipping sparkles with your coffee has never been so easy.

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