Tow truck drivers salute one of their own who died in Brooklyn crash

NYPD Traffic Division officers say a prayer for their fallen comrade on Flatbush Avenue at Avenue R in Marine Park, Brooklyn this afternoon. (Photo by Scott Stein)

Scores of NYPD tow drivers held a tearful memorial service Wednesday for one of their colleagues who died behind the wheel of his truck in Brooklyn earlier this week.

Anthony Edgehill, 61, a long-time driver for the NYPD Traffic Division, died Monday afternoon while driving his NYPD tow truck southbound on Flatbush Avenue and Avenue R in Marine Park during a snow squall. Officials say Edgehill, who apparently suffered a heart attack, was able to slow down his truck and steer it against a small tree before he lost consciousness.

On Dec. 4, about 30 tow trucks arrived in a line at the scene where Edgehill had been found Monday night. A union member said a prayer for her fellow driver and other NYPD Traffic Division members placed balloons and flowers on the small tree, unharmed despite the truck leaning on it when police arrived.

Edgehill’s colleagues remembered him as “a true friend,” as one operator described him.


A wreath, balloons and memorial were erected by NYPD Traffic Division officers in memory of one of their own who died on Monday. (photo by Scott Stein)
Police and traffic agents surround tow truck in which the vehicle came to rest against a tree on Flatbush Avenue.  (Photo by Todd Maisel)