Bill Murray pulls a ‘Groundhog Day,’ sees Broadway play again

It clearly brought him back.

In typically “Groundhog Day” fashion, Bill Murray couldn’t see the Broadway play just once.

The actor who appeared in the 1993 movie returned to August Wilson Theatre Wednesday night to watch the Broadway adaptation for the second night in a row.

“Just when he thought he was out, #BillMurray found himself back in the tiny hamlet of Punxsutawney once again! #GroundhogDayBway,” a tweet from the production’s official handle read.

Murray, 66, posed for photos with the cast and crew, including the show’s stars Andy Karl and Barrett Doss, who seemed extra excited to see him.

Calling his return “true ‘Groundhog Day’ form,” a spokesperson for the production said Murray told the cast, “This should be mandatory.”

The production is about a weather forecaster in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, played by Murray, who ends up having to relive the same day over and over — which made the actor’s second-day appearance that much more amusing to the cast and audience.

“I hope he watches it every night for the rest of the week to become a meme,” one Twitter user wrote. Another called his drop-by the “funniest bit anyone has/will do in 2017.”

The actor saw the show — which opened in Manhattan last April — for the first time Tuesday night and the flashback to his popular ’90s movie got him a little choked up. Murray was brought to tears during the curtain call, The New York Times reported.

Murray on Tuesday chatted briefly with the audience members and left a $50 tip for a bartender, according to the Times. He went backstage after the show and later explained what caused him to get so emotional.

“The idea that we just have to try again … it’s such a beautiful, powerful idea.”

Times writer Sopan Deb, who attended the Tuesday and Wednesday night showings of the production, tweeted a play-by-play of Murray’s whereabouts during the production both nights, adding that the actor reportedly told the cast he’d return to see the show again, but “I don’t think anyone thought it’d be immediately.”

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