Chatting cooking with Anne Burrell

New York native Anne Burrell is changing the world of food one meatball at a time. The Food Network chef and host of “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef” and “Worst Cooks in America” has even taught at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. Burrell takes time to tell us how to get our dream job.

Q How did you get your dream job?

A Have I gotten it yet? Working on television and having a voice has been a dream. I got it all through Mario Batali. I literally answered an ad in the New York Times. You never know what little moment in time will change your life forever.

Q How did you start cooking?

A I started cooking as a kid. I watched Julia Child and started waitressing in college. I got a job as a prep cook and then got into the Culinary Institute of America, and another European program, and the rest is history. I just wanted to work in restaurants and work in food. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

Q I know you are a big Rangers fan; how do you feel the Rangers are playing in the playoffs?

A Yes, I’m very excited. I’m going to the games. I typically go to the games throughout the season. To see the team do so well is fantastic. It’s exciting for me because the season doesn’t end yet.

Q What’s the most difficult thing for you to make?

A Coffee. I can never master coffee. It’s either too strong or too weak.

Q Who colors your bleach blonde hair?

A I color my own hair. I use Clairol 7th Stage, which is the same stuff Marilyn Monroe used to use. It’s been around forever and the formula hasn’t changed.

Q How long have you supported Food Bank for New York City?

A I have gone to the Can Do Awards for about seven years. I volunteer at their kitchen and teach classes to kids on how to eat well on a low budget. Food Bank is an incredibly important organization that helps schools and charities citywide. Almost 2.6 million New Yorkers experience difficulty affording food for themselves and their families.

Q What was the best memory from “Worst Cooks In America?”

A It’s the feeling that I get when I see the synapses in the contestants’ minds start to connect. Everyone is laughing until they start to dig deep and make changes. When I see that they are getting it, it makes my heart sweep. I love seeing them do it! They always say, “Someone ate my food and actually liked it.” That’s what makes me happy.

Q What is your favorite restaurant in New York?

A I’m so fickle, and I eat out a lot. I love Toro, of course. And Santina and Gato.