Cher bashes Donald Trump at Hillary Clinton fundraiser

Cher compared Donald Trump to Hitler Sunday during a fundraiser for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

The singer said Hitler also promised to “make Germany great again,” a reference to the GOP presidential nominee’s well-known campaign slogan. “He doesn’t mean we want to make America great again. He means we want to make America straight and white,” she said to a cheering crowd of Clinton supporters.

She also compared him to Stalin. The singer went on for about 16 minutes, continuing to share her concern and “fear” for the nation’s future. Among her humorous remarks, Cher said Trump’s campaign is like a racist take on “Fun with Dick and Jane.”

 The actress has been a longtime supporter of Clinton. When Trump first announced his presidential run, she said she’d move to Jupiter if he was elected and called him a “bigot” on Twitter in June 2015. She attended Clinton’s 53rd birthday party in 2000, so, her Trump comments aren’t too surprising.

It’s also not the first time Trump has been compared to Hitler. Cher tweeted in March that a Trump presidency would “provoke riots, like Hitler provoked Kristallnacht,” a 1938 night of murder and mayhem by Nazis in Germany.

Comedian Sarah Silverman had also dressed as Hitler to mock Trump during a “Conan” appearance that same month.