Color Factory ushering in early spring with new exhibit ‘Colors In Bloom’

color factory colors in bloom
Color Factory is introducing Colors In Bloom this spring.
Photo courtesy of Color Factory

We’re still in the middle of winter, but Color Factory’s New York City location is leaving the winter blues behind with a new spring set-up.

Starting on Feb. 8, Color Factory will present “Colors In Bloom,” which will bring their interpretation of Central Park’s cherry blossoms to the popular spot as the first unofficial sign of spring. The exhibition will be up and running through the middle of May.

Those who swing through can add on the Colors In Bloom Codebreakers Scavenger Hunt, which allows participants to learn floriography while they unlock the secrets of the exhibit itself. Those who are able to unscramble the code will claim a special prize at the end.

Colors In Bloom will also bring seasonal treats, custom digital frames and more, evoking the allure of the Central Park cherry blossoms.

Tickets for Color Factory start at $48. For more information about Color Factory, visit colorfactory.co/new-york-city.

Photo courtesy of Color Factory