Dakota Fanning on target in ‘The Last of Robin Hood’

Dakota Fanning helps bring to the big screen a Hollywood scandal in the new flick “The Last of Robin Hood,” starring alongside Kevin Kline’s Errol Flynn as the swashbuckler’s 17-year-old girlfriend Beverly Aadland. amNY spoke with the 20-year-old about the movie, opening Friday.


Q: As someone who has been in show biz since a very young age, did you feel any kinship with Aadland?

A: It’s so weird because when I was making it I didn’t really connect with her in that way at all. Just because I feel like our experiences are so different because she just has no real desire to be where she’s at. It’s not important to her at all. And for me, it is so important and always has been. So I don’t feel like I connected with her on that much.


Q: So what’d you connect with?

A: I was more drawn to her just as a human, a woman, somebody who gets into a situation kind of naively and then starts enjoying the situation and having this relationship and being really happy and kind of discovering who she really is through this relationship.


Q: This sort of sensationalized story feels very contemporary, despite it taking place in the late ’50s.

A: The media then, there was still a mystery to movie stars and to the way movies were made and to the industry and the information that people knew was stuff that was manufactured and put out there … It’s at such a different level now. Most of the mystery of movies is gone.