Gigi Hadid walks New York Fashion Week runway with missing shoe

For some, walking in heels is hard enough as is. Add a runway, dozens of people watching and flashing lights from a camera pit and something’s bound to go wrong — even for the pros.

Gigi Hadid, 22, lost a shoe on the runway during Anna Sui’s New York Fashion Week show at Skylight Clarkson Sq in West SoHo Monday night, but the model didn’t even miss a step. Partly because sister Bella, who was also walking in the designer’s show, jumped right in to help during the finale.

Scooping around her big sis, Bella, 20, put Gigi’s arm around her shoulder and held her hand. The two walked side by side — full of smiles, laughing as if the audience wasn’t in on their joke — down the runway.

The sister save was caught on video (of course) and made the rounds on social media. But in the moment, much of the audience probably didn’t even realize Gigi was walking sans-wedge pump. The model walked on her toes, with her foot pointed as if she were gliding on an invisible heel. Talk about pro status.

The runway, shaped like a horseshoe, blocked those who weren’t in the front row from seeing her feet. Plus, Gigi’s glittering gold gown — a standout in a collection of ’60s-inspired peasant dresses — her offered the perfect distraction on its own.

It’s not clear if Gigi was sent out from backstage without a full pair of glitter pumps, or if one slipped off as she made her entrance.

Both sisters have kept quiet about it on social media. The designer posted a video of Gigi from backstage before the show.

“You’re like family to me,” Gigi says of Sui in the clip. “I appreciate your support from the very beginning so much and I always love being a part of your show.”