Idris Elba hints on Twitter he’ll play James Bond

He’s got the acting chops, looks great in a tux, and on Sunday Idris Elba showed he can be as effective a tease as any incarnation of 007.

“My name’s Elba, Idris Elba,” the 45-year-old posted in a cheeky tweet Sunday, fanning the flames of reignited rumors that he’s next in line for the role of MI6 spy James Bond, once Daniel Craig hangs up his pistol holster.

It comes days after a report from UK tabloid The Daily Star, claiming that longtime “Bond” producer Barbara Broccoli had told director Antoine Fuqua that “it is time” for a black 007.

But the report was dismissed by Fuqua, whose representative has since told The Hollywood Reporter the news is “… all made up stuff.”

“Don’t believe the HYPE…” was the actor’s follow-up tweet later on Sunday, suggesting the star might simply be enjoying the attention.

In the meantime, an untitled Bond film starring Craig and directed by Danny Boyle is set to hit theaters in November 2019.

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