Jack Fisk’s Museum of the Moving Image retrospective: Movies to catch

You’ve probably never heard of Jack Fisk, but if you’ve paid attention to some of the best Hollywood movies made over the past 40-plus years, you’re quite familiar with his work.

The ace production designer — who has collaborated with the biggest names in the business and earned his second Academy Award nomination for his work on “The Revenant” — is a major player in carrying out some of the most unique visions in cinematic history.

Fisk has constructed the look of everything from the gritty, oil-soaked California deserts of the turn-of-the-century epic “There Will Be Blood” to the suburban horrors of “Carrie,” starring his wife, Sissy Spacek.

The expansive vision of Terrence Malick, one giant symphony of sights and sounds and the surrealism of David Lynch have been undeniably shaped by Fisk’s work.

The Museum of the Moving Image gives Fisk his due at a retrospective beginning Friday and running through April 1. It’s a veritable feast of movies you simply shouldn’t miss, especially on a big screen, but if you’ve got limited time and can only manage a few trips to the museum, these are your best bets.

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