‘Mario Kart 8’ trailer showcases cartoonish mischief and mayhem

Nintendo is previewing Mario Kart 8 in a trailer featuring underwater levels, a brand new anti-gravity course and other comedy antics.

We’re already drooling for some game time.

Since the dawn of the modern-day video game age, we have been bombarded with Mario titles. But Mario Kart, which debuted on Super Nintendo in 1992, is dear to our geeky gamer hearts.

The game features the eponymous character racing go-karts while also tossing turtle shells, boosting past opponents and going down the proverbial rabbit hole of racing in a frenzy of cartoony chaos. It never really gets old.


The latest version of Mario Kart is an epic reboot exclusively for Wii U, and may finally put Nintendo’s less-than-epic flagship system on gamers’ must-have list. It promises new courses and the kind of crazy karting mischief we’ve come to expect.

Mario Kart 8 is slated for release May 30. Get ready for some mayhem.