ASPCA’s pit bulls are hoping for some St. Pitties’ Day luck this weekend 

The ASPCA is putting a paw-sitively adorable twist on St. Patrick’s Day to help an at-risk breed find a happily ever after.

The adoption center is celebrating St. Pitties’ Day on Saturday by cutting its adoption fees on all adult pit bulls. Fees normally ranging up to $250 per adoption will be lowered to just $17 between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

“While overall adoption trends are moving in a positive direction, ASPCA data shows large-breed and pit-bull type dogs remain at risk in shelters in large part due to misinformation and misconceptions that can prejudice people against them,” says Julia Umansky, client services manager of the Upper East Side-based adoption facility. “Our hope is the St. Pitties’ Day promotion will give them some ‘extra luck’ in finding safe and loving homes.”

Among the pups that will be looking for forever homes during the event is Orson, a 3-year-old male pit mix who has been with the shelter since November 2016. He’ll be joined by 2-year-old Bristol and 3-year-old Zeron, who both arrived at the shelter last year.

If you’re wondering if your small New York City apartment can handle an adult pit, Umansky says you need not worry. She explains the view that large dogs aren’t well suited for apartment living is actually a fallacy.

“Large dogs, like pit bulls, are often the most in-need of adoption in New York City due to a misconception that large dogs require a lot of space – which can be hard to come by in New York City apartments,” she notes. “But it’s not necessarily true that they are less appropriate for city settings.”

The criteria for a happy home for an NYC pit bull stems down to how well its personality meshes with the environment and routine of the owner.

“A person’s lifestyle and ability to provide a dog with daily activity and stimulation are important factors to consider,” Umansky says. 

An important reminder: While your apartment may be well- suited for a pit bull after all, don’t forget to check your building’s size and breed regulations before considering adopting.

The St. Pitties’ Day adoption special will be held at the ASPCA adoption center at 424 E. 92nd St. And, of course, there’s a chance the dapper pups will be decked out in green.