New ‘Brooklyn Is My Happy Place’ pop-up to bring unique programming this summer

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Photo courtesy of Concrete Communications

This summer could use some more love, so that’s exactly what the Brooklyn Is My Happy Place pop-up by Lola Star is bringing you. 

The pop-up will run for nearly a month, from July 29 to Aug. 26. There will be a variety of interactive and fun events that participants can enjoy. The diverse roster of activities will engage both children and adults alike.

You will have opportunities to create, play and shine at Brooklyn Is My Happy Place. Visitors will be able to make an original T-shirt or tote bag at the Self Expression Studio, join in on dance programs and take photos with the pop-ups’ various decorated backdrops.

The programs will follow different decades of popular music. July 30 will represent Disco, July 31 will represent the Sing soundtrack, Aug 6 will represent 90s Hip Hop, Aug 7 will represent the Encanto soundtrack, Aug 13 will represent Beyonce, Aug 14 will represent the Sing 2 soundtrack, Aug 20 will represent 80s Pop and Aug 21 will represent the Trolls soundtrack.

Some events to look forward to are:

Happy Dance Club: This event is best suited for children and toddlers. Happy Dance Club is a super fun, interactive, educational dance party which will introduce participants to their first dance floor experience. The DJ will educate the kids about musical genres and artists like Prince and Lady Gaga through guided dance floor activities. There will be opportunities to dress up in fun costumes based on that day’s theme. Children will have fun learning about musical history on the glittering dance floor.

Themed Hula Hoop Class & Freestyle Jam: This cardio-intensive class will teach adults how to do various tricks, improve their coordination, burn calories, gain strength and have fun while doing it.  After stretching and warming up, participants will be led through basic hula hooping skills and then progress into learning hula hoop tricks. The disco lights and freestyle time will leave your heart racing but put a smile on your face. This event is great for late-teens and adults.

Dancorcism: This class incorporates aspects of meditation, yoga, reiki and more into its high energy programming. It will help you balance the spiritual side of your body while exercising the physical body. This is your time to let loose, become a free spirit and just have a good time with great people. Kids who wish to join must be accompanied by an adult over 21.  

The pop-up will be on 455 Albee Square West at the Flatbush entrance. To learn more about events and programming click here.

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