Exploring East Williamsburg? What to do and eat in the Brooklyn nabe

Veterans already know. For first-timers, a heads up: Roaming the streets of East Williamsburg can feel post-apocalyptic.

Depending on the time of day, you may be the only pedestrian in sight. And don’t be frightened by the otherworldly sounds of metalwork and scraping steel screeching behind warehouse gates — fabrication and construction are alive and well here, especially in the nabe’s northern half.

Many of the most intriguing, niche spots will offer no apparent entrance or signage. You’ll often wonder if you’ve taken a wrong turn, and sometimes conclude your Google Maps must be out-of-date. But fear not, your persistence will be rewarded.

To help you maneuver your way through this insider-friendly terrain, we’ve identified almost a dozen nooks and crannies worth your while — as well as essential navigation tips to get there.

Don’t be surprised if you happen upon your own gems, as the warehouses are littered with pleasant surprises.