Japanese calligrapher Miki Nakashima’s work on display at Queens library

Don’t miss this chance to brush with Japanese calligraphy royalty.

The colorful and vibrant work of artist and calligrapher Miki Nakashima will be on display at Queens Library’s Central Library in Jamaica beginning Tuesday. The exhibit will be open to the public from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. daily through Thursday, Aug. 30.

Nakashima describes her work as “visible heartbeats,” according a statement by the Queens Central Library.

“Dancing heartbeats cannot be seen,” she said. “The feelings we want to remember, and pleasant sounds of music are unseeable. So I turn those invisible precious ‘things’ into a visual shape by using Shodo and colors.”

Nakashima was born in the Saga Prefecture of Japan in 1988, according to the Queens Library. She began learning calligraphy techniques at the age of three and became a scholar of the highest honor by age 12. She would go on to earn a prestigious teacher’s license at age 20.

Her unique take on the traditional art form has earned her accolades both in Japan and worldwide. Outdoor performance, particularly in natural surroundings such as a river or rose garden, has become her specialty. She also often takes her art off the canvas, brushing large-format characters onto ceilings, restaurant walls and bar windows. She has performed more than a hundred live demonstrations and has displayed her work in six countries.

Nakashima previously has performed live in Central Park and at New York City’s Japanese Festival.