Reset, a new wellness space for busy professionals, to open in NoLita

Reset, a new wellness sanctuary, offers meditation and more.
Reset, a new wellness sanctuary, offers meditation and more. Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Reset, a new modern wellness sanctuary in NoLita, is designed for busy New Yorkers who want to find a work-life balance through meditation, movement and executive coaching. An expert in keeping it moving, founder Liz Tran shares her personal journey.

Reset founder Liz Tran
Reset founder Liz Tran Photo Credit: Grace Rivera

What inspired you to open Reset?

For over a decade, I was leading a dual life. I was working at a venture capital firm by day, but I was also a trained yoga and meditation teacher, reiki master and astrologer. However, I kept the professional and spiritual parts of my life very separate and I noticed my friends were doing the same. I realized I wanted to change this and create a space where people like myself could bring both parts of themselves.

What types of classes do you offer?

I want to close the gap between personal and professional awakening, so I’m taking a holistic approach and putting movement and mindfulness classes in the same space as executive coaching and workshops for navigating career advancement and transitions.

Who do your classes appeal to?

Our goal is to reach busy, career-driven professionals and people who wouldn’t normally consider trying out ancient practices like meditation, breathwork and sound baths. I want to help stressed out New Yorkers who don’t have an outlet or don’t have quote-unquote time to practice anything other than work discover these traditions. I want to enable them to thrive in all corners of their life.

Meditation has become very popular recently, are you doing anything differently?

Reset Body is a totally new type of class and was created for people like me who are quote-unquote too busy to meditate. It is a 45-minute meditative movement class that combines exercise with mindfulness. It’s designed to make you move, stretch and think more fluidly. There’s also a one-hour Reset the Week class on Mondays, which focuses on thinking and reflecting to get you A-game ready for the week.

What are sound baths?

Sound baths date back to ancient Greece and have been used by indigenous cultures around the world for centuries to heal the body. Our bodies are 60% water and sound moves faster through water than air. It’s a similar experience to how dolphins use echolocation as sound is incredibly strong when moving through water. We use a variety of instruments, such as gongs, crystal singing bowls, flutes and even voice, to create sounds that help you relax from the inside out and make you feel more rested more quickly than standard meditation.

How did you design the studio?

The space was inspired by American landscape architect James Rose’s personal home and his use of natural materials. The first thing you see when you arrive is a six-foot, 250-pound mahogany wood door and the next thing is an 800-pound smoky quartz stone from Madagascar. We have such a dearth of nature in New York City, I wanted to bring in some pieces significant from the earth.


Reset opens Tuesday with daily classes $34/each | 181 Mott St., resetnyc.com