Christian Louboutin launches a glamorous lipstick collection

Get ready to upgrade your beauty game.

Shoe designer Christian Louboutin is known for his iconic sky high red soled heels, followed by the successful nail polish collection. And now lipstick?

The Rouge Louboutin Lip Colour collection will feature 38 nude, red (Louboutin red, of course) and plum hues in three textures including silky satin, velvet matte and sheer.

Reminiscent of ancient Babylonian architecture and Middle Eastern design aesthetics, the lipwear comes in glamorous gold bullet-like casings crowned with a gold cap and ribbon that doubles as a necklace. In a news release Christian Louboutin said, “I imagined the scales of a mermaid’s tail, dressed with what could have been a vial filled with an elixir, an essence oozing strength and beauty.”

The collection will be available September 2015 at $90 a pop on christianlouboutin.com

So hit up your piggy bank because you have one month to save!