Ben & Jerry’s “Brrr-rito” rivals the “Choco Taco”

The Choco Taco should fear for its melted life.

Ben and Jerry’s announced on Thursday that they will be releasing a Brrr-ito — a burrito-inspired ice cream and waffle cone combination — on April 20th.

A video promo for this unique ice cream burrito promises to make “4/20 exactly like 4/20” with hand-rolled burritos in Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops.

The Brrr-ito is made with two ice cream flavors, topped with a fudge drizzle and cookie crumbs and wrapped up in a “soft and chewy” waffle wrap. YUM.


It’s unclear how long the Brrr-itos will be available and if guac is extra, but a staffer at Ben & Jerry’s in Times Square said the new treat is here to stay.

We tried a freshly made (note: the shell is pre-cooked, not waffled to order) brrr-ito on its debut day and found it to be, well, an ice cream cone you can eat sideways. The outer shell is softer than a waffle cone, and blankets the ice cream like a gentle tortilla.

For $6.75, or $7.35 if you include tax, you’re almost at Chipotle prices with these two-scoop sweets.