No more Big Straight Ice Cream in Greenwich Village

“No, no, no more straight ice cream here,” said a manager at Gallo Nero to this reporter. “It doesn’t work in the West Village. Gay and proud.”

It seems that heteronormativity on top of your rainbow sprinkles is no longer an option at the Greenwich Village eatery, which advertised its “Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream” via a printed sign this past weekend, Gothamist reported.

The tasteless advertisment contrasted with Gallo Nero’s neighbors, Big Gay Ice Cream, the soft serve ice cream business led by two gay men, Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff, which makes popular sundae creations like the Bea Arthur and Salty Pimp.

The promotion seemed to degrade Big Gay Ice Cream’s message of LGBTQ pride and Big Gay Ice Cream responded on Twitter:

“If you pass by @galloneronyc maybe you could pop in & let em know what you think of this advertising campaign.”

But Big Straight Ice Cream has lived a thankfully short life. Perhaps the restaurant’s passion fruit Greek yogurt flavor came out amongst the criticism?