Bubble tea exhibition in SoHo promises an Instagram-worthy celebration of the Taiwanese export

New Yorkers may be bubbling with excitement for Lab B, an immersive bubble tea-themed exhibition that will teach visitors about the history of the Taiwanese tapioca drink before allowing them to try their hand at making their own sweet concoctions.

For $19, visitors can tour a bubble tea laboratory, bounce around in a bubble tea cup ball pit, experiment with different bubble tea ingredients and sample bubble tea from five New York City vendors. The event will take place Aug. 17-19 at 107 Grand St. in SoHo.

“I think the most exciting part is that bubble tea is kind of globally popular,” said Yu-Ting Feng, the project’s lead artist. “New York City is the best place to represent the fusion and experimental portion of the bubble tea.”

Visitors will be able to experiment with different sized tapioca balls and popping boba, which explode in the drinker’s mouth. They will also have the choice of tea with or without milk.

The exhibition is put together by a collective of Taiwanese artists, writers and designers who are “exploring the culture and spirt of Taiwanese experimentation and self-expression through our country’s most popular culinary export.”

Organizers are promising an Instagram-worthy event, with its “Art Experience” that will feature a “gigantic” bubble tea balloon, the ball pool and an augmented reality photo booth.

Click here for tickets.

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