Kimchi Smoke opening restaurant in Bergen County, NJ

The Chonut is crossing the Hudson.

Kimchi Smoke, known for its pop-ups around the city featuring sweet and savory doughnut sandwiches and ramen fried chicken, is ready to set up a brick-and-mortar restaurant. In New Jersey.

The new restaurant, called Kimchi Smoke BBQ Shack will be in Bergenfield, NJ. They hope to have a soft opening soon and be in “full swing” by Super Bowl Sunday.

Chef Michael North, formerly of Fink’s BBQ in nearby Dumont, NJ, will help create more Korean-American barbecue dishes at the new restaurant. 

Kimchi Smoke pitmaster and owner Rob Cho told us that he has been looking for a space in NYC and will continue to search for space to open up a restaurant in the city.

Those willing to trek out to New Jersey for a Chonut — perhaps better than waiting in a cold line for a SoHo Cronut — can email info@kimchismoke.com for an invite to the soft opening.