Build-your-own-Moscow Mule bar sets up at PHD Terrace in midtown Saturday

How do you make a 10-pound Moscow Mule even more extravagant?

Load it up with garnishes like Jolly Ranchers, Starburst and Sour Patch Kids at a build-your-own cocktail bar.

That’s what the rooftop bar at Dream Midtown is offering tonight, in honor of National Moscow Mule Day. For one gut-busting evening, you can top your cocktail — a blend of vodka and a ginger and lime mixer from Owen’s Craft Mixers — with more than just lime wedges and straws. Options at PHD Terrace’s DIY bar will include sweets you’d expect on a Black Tap Crazy shake (cotton candy, Swedish fish), savory bites (bell peppers), spicy fixings (wasabi, jalapeños, horseradish) and flashy accents (edible glitter). Toppings are unlimited starting at 5 p.m. Saturday, so we say just go to town with it.

Unlike the $185 Mega Mules on the year-round menu at PHD Terrace, which are served as 164-ounce pours in humongous copper mugs, Saturday’s upgrade will come in three sizes. Solo drinkers can get a 16-ounce cup for $10, smaller groups opting for the 100-ounce version will pay $45, and large parties can order a 192-ounce fishbowl for $100.

Go ahead and party with friends with a bird’s-eye view of midtown Manhattan, but don’t thank the Russians for your buzz: the Moscow Mule was actually invented by a vodka salesman and a L.A. bar owner who partnered to drum up demand for their spirits and copper mugs, and obviously succeeded.