Museum of Pizza pop-up will immerse Williamsburg visitors in the ‘pizza vortex’

Attendees enjoy slices of pizza during a preview party for the Museum of Pizza on Aug. 30.
Attendees enjoy slices of pizza during a preview party for the Museum of Pizza on Aug. 30. Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

Brooklyn will have bragging rights in the battle for New York pizza supremacy when the pop-up Museum of Pizza opens up shop in Williamsburg.

The immersive exhibition — part museum as well as pizza parlor — will take up residency at the William Vale hotel with an Oct. 13 opening. The organizer, the Nameless Network plans special installations, a slice shop and rooms designed by commissioned artists, promising an Instagram-worthy experience.

“The Museum of Pizza balances the ‘museum’ aspect with the magic of pizza to disrupt the expectations of what a pop-up can be,” founder Kareem Rahma said in a release. “We believe that art should be at the forefront of culture, not the backdrop, and hope that visitors find MoPi to be an awesome, one-of-a-kind experience that changes the way they think about pizza, and art.”

Artist-designed rooms include:

  • “Pizza Beach” by Adam Green: “A special place in the afterlife where souls of all kinds come for a slice.”
  • “Pizza Library/Reading Room by Devin Troy Strother and Yuri Ogita: “A zine-inspired installation lined with original posters and hundreds of unique artist-made zines exploring the concept of pizza.”
  • “The Pizza Vortex” by Signe Pierce and Emma Stern: “A fluorescent blacklight room that plays with [the] collective conception of art history, pop culture, life on earth and existence amongst the cosmos.”
  • “Say Cheese” by Shawna X: Sculptures and murals will be “utilizing pizza as beautifying products.”

The museum also will include curated exhibitions that include 100 framed pizza boxes from Guinness world-record-holder Scott Weiner; an interactive history of pizza; and a psychedelic pizza parlor comprised of multiple artists.

The Museum of Pizza will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesdays through Sundays, from Oct. 13 to 28. Click here for tickets.