Free Nutella Cronut holes for Nutella’s 50th anniversary

The combining of two beloved food items – the Cronut and Nutella – is actually happening.

Joe Bastianich of Eataly hinted at the partnership to amNewYork at the opening of the Nutella bar on Monday, and today we can report that Nutella Cronut holes will be available for one day only to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nutella, the Hazelnut spread.

On Monday, May 19 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. head to the pedestrian pavilion by Madison Square Park for complimentary Cronut holes made with Nutella (while supplies last, duh), other Nutella samples, Instagramming opportunities and general foodie and food fad lover cavorting.

According to Nutella, celebrations of the 50th anniversary will be taking place all over the world — but they won’t have Cronut holes and Dominique Ansel, so let’s just take a moment to feel good about ourselves as New Yorkers, shall we?

Speaking of Ansel, he’s excited about the Cronut holes with Nutella, and even told us that Nutella Cronuts are one of the most requested, but he’s mum on whether they could find their way into sales at his bakery on Spring Street.

“I grew up eating Nutella and it’s a product I’ve always loved,” he said in a statement. “The world has definitely become a tastier place since they came along.”

If you’d rather skip the brouhaha and just eat your Nutella in peace, the Eataly Nutella bar is also just around the corner on 23rd Street.