Offside Tavern: Fort Ever Booze for Islanders fans in NYC

Islanders fans settle in for the team’s game against Arizona on Monday, Feb. 17. (Alex Mitchell)

In the heart of Rangers territory, there is a safe haven for the orange and blue faithful.

It’s called Offside Tavern and the bar run by a true New York Islanders diehard and Long Island native, Nick Costa.

Costa, who fell in love with the game of hockey since youth opened up his Isles bar in 2017 — the only dedicated Islanders pub in NYC.

His enthusiasm is on the same line as a friendly staff, memorabilia packed bar, and plenty more that makes Offside Tavern a contender on 14th Street by 6th Avenue.

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Costa’s bar decor goes beyond just framed jerseys on walls, though. 

He’s curated a “Isles Twitter hall of fame” that’s on display for his patrons to see. 

Essentially, it’s the most iconic, hilarious verbiage that New York Islanders fans have used to describe recent calamities and peak moments that the Nassau/Brooklyn team has been responsible for.

One specifies the ill feelings towards former Islanders Captain John Tavares, who announced his departure to Toronto by posting a baby photo in Maple Leafs pajamas. 

A shot taken at John Tavares from an Islanders fan on Twitter that Costa framed in Offside Tavern.
(Alex Mitchell)

Meanwhile, Offside Tavern’s Twitter has some pretty great content itself.

“I wasn’t all that nervous about opening an Islanders bar in the city,” Costa told, saying that there’s always been a concentration of Islanders fans that either work or live in the city.

Actually, the reaction to Offside Tavern from the Isles community has been something spectacular, according to the owner.

Current Isles captain Anders Lee put down the dough to buy the entire bar a round of drinks one time and also the team’s broadcast crew has been known pop in at times — though that’s nothing compared to the customer loyalty displayed by players wives.

“They’re always in here grabbing a drink before the Isles play the Rangers at MSG,” Costa said, noting that Sydney Esiason, husband of Isles forward Matt Martin and daughter of Boomer Esiason is a huge supporter of the tavern as well as Lee’s wife, Grace. 

Costa (left) talks to an Isles fan on game day.
(Alex Mitchell)

Sadly, Costa has always been out of office when players would pay a visit to Offside Tavern; though their visit may have been enticed by the Isles themed menu offerings like the tater Trotz, named for Islanders head coach Barry Trotz.

As the Islanders offense and winning ways have slowed a bit, it’s conceivable that more and more fans will feel inclined to drink while watching the season’s remaining games and (hopefully) playoffs. Look no further than Offside Tavern to unite with New York City’s brothers and sisters of blue and orange.

Offside Tavern, 137 W 14th St., Chelsea, (917) 388-3956. Open seven days a week with varying hours.

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