Drink like George Washington this Presidents Day at Porterhouse Brew Co.

Porterhouse Brew Co.'s hot ale flip is available Friday through March 19.
Porterhouse Brew Co.’s hot ale flip is available Friday through March 19. Photo Credit: New York Public Library

Drink like a founding father this Presidents Day weekend.

Porterhouse Brew Co. in the Financial District is recreating the hot ale flip — a mixed drink that is believed to have been a favorite of George Washington’s.

When it was served at the nearby historic Fraunces Tavern — an old haunt of Washington’s that, today, has been building out the bar program at Porterhouse — it was made with ale, rum and molasses, warmed with a fireplace poker and served in a copper vessel.

For its take on the Colonial classic, Porterhouse is mixing Irish Red Ale, Lemon Hart & Son 151 rum and demerara sugar and then heating it tableside in a copper vessel using a blowtorched loggerhead.

The $18 hot ale flip is available starting Friday through March 19 at the bar, located at 36 Water St.