Subway Inn to close after 77 years in Midtown

One of midtown’s oldest dive bars will close its doors next month.

The owners of Subway Inn at 143 E. 60th Street announced on its Facebook page Thursday that the 77-year-old institution will close on Aug. 15. The son of the bar’s owner, who didn’t want to be named, said a developer bought about three fourths of the shops on the block and heard they plan to tear down the stores for a new development.

“It is upsetting but times have changed,” he said.

Customers expressed their disappointment on Facebook.

“AWFUL! I’m glad I have memories before this tragedy took place! Hate to lose the bar though,” one customer posted.

The bar reassured his patrons that it would live on in a new location.

“We have a few places in mind, and we’ll keep our Facebook page updated,” the owner’s son said.