Trick-or-treat: Sweets and drinks across NYC to spook you

Pumpkin Freashake
Celebrate Halloween with creepy cocktails, shocking shakes and “bloody” bakes at restaurants and bakeries across the city. (Courtesy Steak ‘N Lobster)

Some of New York City’s restaurants are putting their own spin on “trick-or-treating” with creepy, crawly treats and grotesque offerings that are actually a delight.

From pizza that looks like a grisly body part, to cakes dripping with “blood,” and steaming cocktails, there are several ways to get your fill of Halloween this year. Here are some of our favorites:

Skull pizza at Industry Kitchen
70 South St., industry-kitchen.com

Industry Kitchen‘s Chef Braulio Bunay has created a skull pizza with Halloween candies. The dessert pizza is made with pumpkin dough pizza crust that is topped with Nutella, marshmallows, snake gummies, and shaped with a caramel skull mold and hot red chocolate (for the blood). It is $21.

Steak ‘N Lobster Freakshakes
129 West 29th St., snlrestaurant.com

Steak ‘N Lobster is offering a $16 pumpkin “Freakshake” with coffee ice cream, pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, vanilla all topped with caramel, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks and pumpkin marshmallows.

Frightening cakes from Angelina Bakery
575 Eighth Ave., angelinabakery.com

Angelina Bakery has frighteningly delicious specialty cakes available to order or pick up on the spot, including one topped with screaming ghosts and another covered in “blood” that drips down its sides. They range in price from $38 to $45.

Angelina Bakery is offering both cute and creepy Halloween cakes. (Courtesy Angelina Bakery)

Spooky spiders at Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate
43 W. 42nd St., kreutherchocolate.com

Spiders may usually be creepy, but this one from Kreuther is both spooky and cute — made with Tahitian vanilla marshmallow and speculoos cookie, this bonbon is covered in dark chocolate and topped with a sweet potato caramel head and chocolate eyeballs. $8/each. Its sold out mummy treat was made with salted butter caramel ganache, pretzel crunch, dark chocolate and eyeballs filled with passionfruit caramel. Its bandages were made with white chocolate.

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate has a spider-themed bonbon for Halloween that you can bite into. (Courtesy Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate)

Whimsical Du’s Donuts
107 N. 12th St., Williamsburg, dusdonuts.com

Wylie Dufresne’s gourmet cake doughnut shop is giving you the evil eye this Halloween. The vanilla cake doughnut is coated with a coconut glaze and topped with a gummy eye candy. There are also spiderweb donuts and pumpkin donuts for those who want to avoid the eye. $4/each, $24/pack of six.

Dipped treats Dylan’s Candy Bar
1011 Third Ave., 33 Union Square West, and 231 Hudson St., dylanscandybar.com

The candy shop’s new Halloween offerings include sets of Belgian chocolate-covered cake pops, pretzel rods, strawberries and Twinkies that have been decorated to look like ghosts, mummies and pumpkins. Prices for the sets range from $35 to $50.

Halloween Cauldron at Virgil’s Real BBQ 
152 West 44th St., virgilsbbq.com

This disturbingly fun drink features a frozen, “bloody” hand, gummy worms, candy spiders and candy bugs. The drink itself is made with any flavor Skyy Vodka mixed with 64 ounces of freshly made lemonade — enough for a group of six to enjoy. It is $54.

Virgil’s Halloween Cauldron drink features a “bloody” hand. (Courtesy Virgil’s Real BBQ)

These Witches at North Fork
122 Christopher Street, northforknyc.com

This blood-colored cocktail at North Fork is served “smoking.” It is made with vodka, lemon juice, blackberry syrup, muddled blackberries and dry ice for $12.