Vinnie’s Pizza debuts pizza box made out of pizza that we’ve always needed

Talk about sustainable packaging.

Vinnie’s Pizza, at 148 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, us known for its unique creations like pizza-topped pizza and Rainbow Pride pizza, have outdone all previous pizzas with a new invention: The Pizza Box Pizza.

Yes, this is pizza in an edible box, made of, what else, pizza.

Sean Berthiaume, a co-owner of Vinnie’s, invented the Pizza Box Pizza on Wednesday, during a slow period at the shop. “It was a little slow at work, and when it gets like that, I like to experiment with stuff and make new things,” he said.  

The inspiration: Customers who order a whole pie at Vinnie’s, ask for a box, sit down, eat the entire pizza and “just throw away the box.” 

In an effort to reduce waste, Berthiaume created a pizza box as delicious as the contents itself.

After two or three tries, he had developed the perfect Pizza Box Pizza. 

“The hardest part was the lid of the box, he said, “That needs to be stiff to be able to open and it can’t have cheese or sauce on it or that will drip.” 

The solution: The top layer is a stretched out square of dough coated in oil and garlic and baked until crispy — perfect for dipping into pizza sauce. 

Rather than tasting his creation, Berthiaume decided to keep it to display in the store, but he assures that “it tastes good . . . It’s just pizza, it’s got to be good!” 

A photo of the Pizza Box Pizza was posted to Twitter Wednesday night and it became an overnight sensation, with plenty of people calling Vinnie’s to order it. Berthiaume didn’t realize it would be as popular until he woke up on Thursday morning.

Due to its time-consuming nature — it’s basically three separate pizzas combined into one — orders for the $40 Pizza Box Pizza should be placed a couple hours in advance. 

And nobody puts Pizza Box Pizza in a box. Berthiaume explained that those who want delivery will get the special order wrapped in foil, which keeps it hot and protects it from human hands, keeping it sanitary and delicious.  

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