Cocktail recipes to celebrate National Vodka Day

National Vodka Day is Oct. 4!

Vodka is usually considered the easiest way to get a weekend party started, if not the classiest.

But there are ways to posh-up this party staple.

Nathan Rawlinson, beverage manager at the Clocktower Restaurant inside the Edition Hotel, said the best way to soothe the strong alcohol taste in a cocktail is to add citrus and grapefruit flavors. “Vodka has a very clean and fresh taste,” he said. “By adding those flavors it will match subtly and retain that clean, smooth style you should experience when having vodka.”

Niccole Trzaska, a bartender at The Liberty at 29 W. 35th st., said adding veggies, fruits and spices to a vodka cocktail can boost its flavor. “It is really a versatile spirit,” she said. “You can enhance many flavors through vodka.”

So take this national holiday to put down the shot glass and shake up a cocktail. You might just switch up your drink of choice.

P.S. Cheers for a cause! Snow Leopard Vodka donates 15 percent of its profits to the Snow Leopard Trust for the conservation of the endangered species.