Macy’s Herald Square shoppers’ guide

If you haven’t been lost in the behemoth that is the Herald Square Macy’s, then maybe you haven’t been there.

Apparently, 30 percent of shoppers in the store appeared to be lost, according to a research study commissioned by Macy’s in 2010.

Cue the four-year, $400 million renovation that is in its final phase, and that has re-imagined the self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Store” into a more consumer-friendly place, with bright lights, open concept planning and improved ways of getting around.

The 2010 report helped pinpoint locations where customers were getting lost, often due to jagged aisles that obstructed views and signage that wasn’t easy to read or see, said Elina Kazan, vice president of medial relations. “It’s a more linear approach,” she said of the renovation, noting wider aisles and departments organized in a more modular layout. “There’s an openness to it, it’s a true open concept.”

For the average New Yorker, shopping at Macy’s still presents its pitfalls — Is it a tourist trap? Yes. Is it in midtown? Yes. — but there’s no denying the convenience of being able to grab something for everyone on your list, at every price point in one place.

So, to help you as you embark on your holiday shopping, we toured the store from top to bottom to figure out the best way to navigate all 1.2 million square feet of retail space. Here are our tips:

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