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Our favorite NYC activities with our moms

Happy Mother's Day! In honor of the most important of holidays, the staff at amNewYork is sharing our favorite activities to do with our own moms. Let us know your favorite activities with you own moms too.

And don't forget to at least call your mom today. She deserves it.


As I often discuss, I am from Queens
Photo Credit: Flickr/uniteddiversity

As I often discuss, I am from Queens - where backyards and flower beds aren't just mythical things you see in House Beautiful in the doctor's office waiting room. I inherited my green thumb from my mom (well, my African Violets might beg to differ on that) so our favorite activity together is gardening in her front and back yards. In other words, we like to play in the dirt, and try not to kill the few flowers that tolerate us. If you don't have a yard, I'd recommend planting some herbs in your apartment window, if you have a window. Another fun tip: philodendrun vines don't need much sunlight and never stop growing, so one plant can fill your apartment with green, and you can graft sections to plant in cute little pots to give to all your favorite moms! -- Heather Senison, Associate Editor


My mother lives in Conn. but loves NYC
Photo Credit: FACEBOOK/ Wallse

My mother lives in Conn. but loves NYC and comes down for Mother's Day almost every year. My husband and I cook brunch, usually. One year we made two very decadent dishes from Dorie Greenspan's "Around My French Table." This year we will likely make some sort of baked egg dish, to be served with a fresh spring salad and perhaps some Italian antipasti. Keeping things simple is rule #1 when it comes to menu planning for more than a couple of people!

After brunch we will probably just take a stroll down Eastern Parkway to aid digestion. -- Georgia Kral, Features Manager,

Magnolia Bakery

Hailing from Chicago, I can't say my mom
Photo Credit: Flickr/wallyg

Hailing from Chicago, I can't say my mom is a big fan of the crowds and street garbage in NYC. When she is here, I like taking her to spots from 'Sex and the City', which we watched re-runs of almost every night on TBS when I was a teenager. The first time I took my mom to the Meatpacking District she recognized the area as "where Samantha lives." It's a good way to know NYC. I still like taking her to Magnolia Bakery and as well as restaurants I've written about, since she reads the amNY app everyday! -- Melissa Kravitz, Assistant Features & News Manager,

Central Park Ritz Carlton

My mum is in Australia but if she
Photo Credit: Flickr/cupcakestacie

My mum is in Australia but if she were here, we'd go for Manhattans at the lobby bar of the Central Park Ritz Carlton! They have live music there whenever I've been there, usually a harp or something. The kind of thing mums like! -- Keira Alexander, News Assistant


Shopping trips are big with me and my
Photo Credit: Flickr/zeldman

Shopping trips are big with me and my mom when she visits from Long Island. She has a very good eye! We usually end up in a midtown department store – Macy’s or Lord and Taylor – when looking to pick up a dress or shoes for a wedding or a new season. Lunch is usually low key at the closest Irish pub we can find before we part ways at Penn Station. -- Meredith Deliso, Features and Special Sections Editor

Iris Cafe

My mom and I often grab brunch on
Photo Credit: Flickr/jweiss3

My mom and I often grab brunch on my day off at super cute local café in Brooklyn Heights, Iris Cafe. They make the most amazing French toast and fried Brussels sprout croquettes that we share. We only live about 10 blocks from each other, but sitting down to brunch is a really great time to catch up and relax. -- Alison Fox, reporter

Times Square

It sounds strange but my favorite place to
Photo Credit: Flickr / rfa247

It sounds strange but my favorite place to go with my mom in New York is Times Square. Not because we love being engulfed by tourists but because growing up in St. Louis, when we came to visit NYC we went to Broadway and that nostalgic connection is still really strong. It's odd; I hate Times Square as much as the next New Yorker when my parents aren't around, but when the family is in town it still seems magical, somehow. -- Robert Levin, Senior Editor

Sail around NYC

It's tough to pick one top NYC spot
Photo Credit: Nina Ruggiero

It's tough to pick one top NYC spot to hang out with my mom, because I'm lucky to have made so many memories with her in the city over the years. Our classic traditions, like riding the Coney Island Cyclone (front car only) to being the loudest fans at Yankee Stadium (she is, at least) will always be favorites. But just last summer, we started getting into boat cruises, a new tradition I hope we will continue. We are both constantly busy, so taking a relaxing sail out on the water is a great way for us to unwind-- the wind in our hair, amazing views of the skyline in the distance, mandatory wine glass in hand. Classic Harbor Line has a bunch of options worth checking out at -- Nina Ruggiero, Editor-in-Chief,

Book signings

My parents live in NYC, and my mom
Photo Credit: Caroline Linton

My parents live in NYC, and my mom and I have similar tastes in art, music, television, movies, theater, politics and above all else, books (as in, we prefer reading novels above pretty much all else). My favorite activity that we do together is go to book signings, something we used to do far more often but we still find time to do today--we just went to go see Toni Morrison at the 92nd St. Y (her Christmas gift to me).

This picture is from Mother's Day last year, when we went to the Bronx Botanical Garden and lost the rest of our family when we were wandering in the Groundbreakers Poetry Walk, which features poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay, one of our favorites, who wrote a poem about her own mother called " The Courage That My Mother Had." If you haven't read it, I suggest you do now--and show it to your mom. -- Caroline Linton, News Editor,


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