Brooklyn entrepreneur selling Williamsburg air for over $20K on eBay

Leave it to Williamsburg to create yet another use for Mason Jars: air.

That’s right, some really clever entrepreneur has packaged air allegedly from Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is selling this top notch oxygen on eBay.

Bidding for “Air from Williamsburg, Brooklyn! HIP COOL BROOKLYN LENA DUNHAM 11211”  originally started on July 6th at $39.99 and as of Thursday, July 9, the air is going for $20,100.00.

Yes, that’s more than some people pay annually to actually live in North Brooklyn.

“What you are bidding on here is a sample of air from the COOLEST neighborhood in the world? Williamsburg, Brooklyn!” the seller, theedgedweller, who has apparently never sold on the online auction site before, writes. 

“This might be your last chance to afford air from this much coveted zip code (11211),” the seller also writes in the witty description.

This special but also incredibly mundane air can be shipped anywhere in the United States “either in a Ziploc bag or in a mason jar from one of our many, many mason jar speciality shops.”

“$20,000 may sound expensive now, but at the rate prices go up in Williamsburg, this bag of air will be one million dollars by the end of the year,” wrote a satirist at Brokelyn.

Bidding ends on Monday, leaving plenty of time for you to consider if any type of packaged air is actually worth five figures.