Queens murder-suicide: Cops believe business failure and family argument led man to kill brother, then himself

Manhattan shooting scene
FILE – A crime scene
File photo/Dean Moses

Arguments over a failed business venture allegedly led a Queens man to shoot his mother and brother, killing his sibling, before taking his own life last week, police officials said.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said Karamjit Multani, 33, shot his brother Vipanpal Multani, 27, nine times about the body, including four shots in the torso inside the Richmond Hill home they shared with their parents, his wife and their children on June 8.

Police reported that the shooting happened shortly after an argument that erupted over dinner that night. The younger brother retreated to his room to sleep when the older brother burst into his room and fired the shots.

During the chaos, Kenny reported, his mother tried to leap on top of her mortally wounded son, only to find herself also getting shot in the torso and arm during the process.

While the 52-year-old mother survived, police officials said, Vipanpal Multani died at the scene.

After the horrific gun violence, Karamjit Multani fled the house and was caught on video running down the block before dropping his gun, causing it to fire. He then picked it back up, and took his own life moments later.

“We have him on video removing his turban and then he shoots himself one time, killing himself,” Chief Kenny said.

Investigators believe the deadly rampage stemmed from an ongoing family dispute that developed several years prior when the brothers’ father — a prominent deli owner in the area — gifted his sons large sums of money each so they could start their own businesses.

Vipanpal Multani chose to open his store in Valley Stream, LI, which police say was successful; Karamjit Multani set up shop in Indiana, but wound up failing in his venture, police reported.

“He goes bankrupt and is forced to move back home. A lot of tension between him and the brother over snide comments about how he’s a failure. The father has given him a hard time about the store not being successful out in Indiana,” Chief Kenny said.

On June 8, Karamjit Multani wrote a long text message to his wife detailing the alleged abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and younger brother after putting her, and his children, on a plane to back to Indiana.