A little (new) Dap’ll do ya at Village rec center

Photo by Tequila Minsky
The new sign goes up! Photo by Tequila Minsky

Parks Department staff recently put up a new sign on the venerable Tony Dapolito Recreation Center, at Clarkson St. and Seventh Ave. South. Formerly known as the Carmine St. Recreation Center, it was renamed, after Dapolito’s death in 2003, in honor of the longtime chairperson and Parks Committee chairperson of the Village’s Community Board 2. Dapolito was variously known as “The Mayor of Greenwich Village,” “Mr. Parks,” “Mr. Playgrounds”…you name it. A lot of titles for one guy! “Oh sure, fuggedaboudit,” the humble Dapolito would surely shrug. Dapolito grew up using the center. As a kid, he and his brothers would even shower there in the mornings.