Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton debate in Brooklyn: Drink along!

Bernie and Hillary face off in Brooklyn Thursday night.

Bernie and Hillary face off in Brooklyn on Thursday, April 14 at 9 p.m.

You probably weren’t able to get tickets to see it live, but congratulations, you can drink along instead! 

Get your six-pack ready, here are our rules for drinking through the New York Democratic Debate. 


Drink when …

… Bernie recalls growing up in Brooklyn. 

…  Hillary refers to herself as a New Yorker. 

… Anyone says “future.” 

… A candidate makes a “Hamilton” reference.

… Someone gets interrupted. 

… #NewYorkValues are relevant. 

… HIllary’s subway ride or Bernie’s subway tokens are discussed. 

… Anyone says “socialism.” 

… You’re tempted to check Trump’s Twitter feed.

… You fact check (i.e. Google) one of the candidate’s comments. 

… You decide to change who you’re voting for on Tuesday. 

… Anything a candidate says confirms why you are or are not voting for him or her. 


Cheers to Democracy! 

Melissa Kravitz