Car overturned following collision in midtown Manhattan

The Nissan’s windscreen was smashed and its mirror hung loosely.
Photo by Dean Moses

A vehicle was overturned Friday afternoon after a collision in Midtown Manhattan.

Police received reports of an overturned vehicle at approximately 1:09 p.m. at East 293 43rd Street, a mere block away from the United Nations building. 

The black Nissan was found turned on its side by firefighters and several ambulances on the corner of 43rd Street and Second Avenue.  Members of the FDNY cut open a side door window in order to free the occupant upon receiving a report of a possible trauma. The driver was evaluated at the scene but refused medical transport. 

The seats were covered in broken glass. Photo by Dean Moses

The driver could be heard describing the incident, stating that she had just picked up an order of food for Uber Eats from a nearby resident and was turning on Second Avenue when a car hit her rear. She swerved before losing control, resulting in completely flipping her car. 

Police officers were also on the scene, cordoning-off the area and preventing further traffic from entering where glass and debris had been strewn over the roadway. NYPD remained on the scene for several hours as they continued to investigate and prepared to tow the ruined Nissan. 

No injuries were reported.

The driver looks over the damage. Photo by Dean Moses
Police block off the scene. Photo by Dean Moses