Cyclist struck by vehicle in Chinatown

A bicyclist was struck by a vehicle this afternoon in Chinatown.
Photo by Dean Moses

This afternoon police and emergency services responded to an incident on Orchard Street and Canal Street after a car struck a bicyclist.

At 12:50 pm, a woman driving a white Mercedes collided into a man riding a bike, where he received a bloody injury to his face.

The cyclist was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Photo by Dean Moses

amNewYork Metro was on the scene immediately as officers and paramedics treated the man who was sitting up and responsive with his back against a construction barrier. The cyclist suffered what appeared to be a laceration to the left side of his face. Blood could be observed flowing profusely from the wound.

Emergency services transported the victim to a nearby hospital. It is unknown if there are additional injuries. Two female occupants were present in the vehicle, both of whom did not request medical treatment but they appeared severely shaken.

The female driver of the white Mercedes that struck a bicyclist described to police what happened. Photo by Dean Moses

amNewYork Metro observed witnesses telling officers that the woman driving the car was not at fault. It is unknown if the construction barriers and fencing obstructed both the driver’s view of the bicyclist as well as the bike rider’s view.

NYPD officers from the 7th Precinct were on the scene to investigate and placed the victim’s bike in the back of an NYPD cruiser.  No arrests were made. 


An officer loaded the cyclist’s bike into a police cruiser. Photo by Dean Moses
Prior to being taken away on a stretcher, the victim told officers about the incident. Photo by Dean Moses