Duane Park Patisserie, Madeline Lanciani

Madeline Lanciani, Chef/owner
Madeline Lanciani, Chef/owner

Madeline Lanciani, Chef/owner
Duane Park Patisserie
179 Duane St.

Dish served?
Molten Chocolate Cake with bittersweet chocolate sauce — because everyone loves it!

Beverage/dish pairing?
We do not sell this retail. We supply caterers with this dessert — it is our best seller!

Who taught you to cook?
My mother — she was a slow food cook before anyone knew what that meant. she taught me everything.

Favorite food growing up?
Anything my mother cooked (seriously).

Splurge utensil?
A very good knife, preferably carbon steel blade.

Common mistake?
Following the recipe.

Cooking injury?
Third-degree burn from hot caramel sugar while making 6- 4 foot tall croquembouche.

Last meal?
I would cook a simple meal — whatever I was hungry for that day — and drink a great red burgundy.

Last meal?
Soft scrambled eggs, buttered rye toast. Last drink? Whatever it would be, it would be neat (no ice).