Far beyond flowers and candy


Things to do with your love


If you’re a true romantic, and lucky enough to be in love, every day is Valentine’s Day — so good for you. But if you’re not the type to wear your heart on your sleeve by gifting that significant other with grand and frequent gestures, pulling out all the stops for this annual articulation of love is a no-brainer.

This year, in addition to lavishing them with the usual flowers and candy, think about employing some of these unique options. In the end, the effort you take just might equal the love you make. As for our single readers: Suck it up and let your coupled friends have their day in the sun — and remember, there’s no shame in sending flowers to yourself. We all deserve love!


Tonight you’re gonna party like it’s 1865 — and maybe make love sweet love when once you’ve ripped the corset or bodice or top hat off your smartly-dressed date or lover or forbidden paramour. Theater company Stolen Chair has crafted a celebration with some serious Downtown bite. Their “Victorian Valentine’s Day Party” (suitable for couples as well as singles) encourages you to come in costume, try Victorian-themed drink specials and have your fortunes told by a master of Regina Victoria tarot. Proceeds from the event (including those generated from a silent auction) will help fund Stolen Chair’s 14th original work — “Cut Paste Corset Perfect” — a site-specific play inspired by the art of Victorian photocollage (premieres in mid-June). Sun., Feb. 13, 7-9pm at the Dove Parlour (228 Thompson St. btw. W. 3rd & Bleecker). $10 admission does not include drinks. For info, visit stolenchair.org.


Buglisi Dance Theatre’s got the love bug this week, and they’re looking to spread it around — by way of a world premiere piece. Artistic Director Jacqulyn Buglisi’s “Letters of Love on Ripped Paper” was inspired by the many forms of love expressed on the written page (romantic love, love of country, love of self). The choreography is stamped with the influence of letters from Pliny to Calpurnia; Queen Victoria to Prince Albert; Napoleon to Josephine; and Zelda to Scott. Expressionistic and highly theatrical, Buglisi’s dancers are accompanied by an original score by Daniel Brewbaker (whose works have been performed by the likes of Yo-Yo Ma and the St. Luke’s Chamber Orchestra). Completing this tribute to classic gestures of love: “Requiem” — a sensual work of Buglisi’s inspired by the 17th century Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi (who used her brushes to express herself as an independent woman). Feb. 15-20 (Tues./Wed., 7:30pm; Thurs./Fri., 8pm; Sat., 2pm & 8pm; Sun., 7:30pm). A “Dance Chat” talk follows the Feb. 16 performance. At The Joyce Theater (175 Eighth Ave. at 19th St.). For Tickets ($10-$39), call 212-242-0800 or visit joyce.org. Also visit buglisidance.org.


It’ll soon be spring — when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love…and baseball. Down two birds with one very memorable stone when you surprise the one you love with this unique, decorative and functional love-themed baseball. This handmade baseball is only $20 (includes a gift box and turf base stand). Available for purchase at the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse (67 E. 11th St., in the landmarked Cast Iron Building). For info, call 212-226-7150 or visit bergino.com.


The Merchant’s House Museum — NYC’s only family home preserved intact from the mid-19th-century — offers an authentic frozen-in-time glimpse into the customs, morals and mindset of old New York. Their “Love in the Parlors” Valentine’s Day concert recreates the 19th-century tradition of “salon music” with vocal chamber works performed in an intimate parlor setting. The compositions, which address themes of love in all of its triumphs and failings, were chosen from repertoire written between 1801-1900. The Bond Street Euterpean Singing Society (MHM’s arts group in residence since 2004) provides the vocal talent. Mon., Feb.14, at 7pm (snow date Thurs., Feb. 17). At the Merchant’s House Museum (29 E. Fourth St. btw. Lafayette & Bowery). Tickets are $25 ($20 for students/seniors, $15 for MHM members). Reservations required. Call 212-777-1089 or visit merchantshouse.org/calendar.


Return those tickets to Buenos Aires and save yourself a trip to the airport. Arts World Financial Center has a better way to get a consensual pat-down — courtesy of free tango lessons and dancing the night away to the sounds of the Hector Del Curto Tango Orchestra at the Winter Garden. The 10-musician ensemble will transform the glass-vaulted atrium into a grand dancing ballroom. From 7pm to 9pm, couples will fuse at the hip to the jazzy, festive rhythms inspired by the traditional Argentinean style. A group instructor will provide tango lessons from 6pm to 7pm for those looking to brush up on their footwork. FREE. Mon., Feb. 14. At the World Financial Center Winter Garden (220 Vesey St.). For info, call 212-945-0505 or visit artsworldfinancialcenter.com. Also visit hectordelcurto.com. Got plans for the evening? Get a little afternoon delight with “The Winter Garden Milonga: Free Lunchtime Tango Performances and Lessons” — from 12-2pm on Feb. 14 (same address and contact info as the evening event).