LaGuardia, Newark, JFK ranked slowest in Global Gateway Alliance survey of country’s airports

Flying into New York? Good luck with that.

The city’s three area airports ranked last in the country in on-time arrivals in 2015, according to a new survey from Global Gateway Alliance. LaGuardia came in as the absolute worst, with only 70.91% of flights coming in on time.

“These findings confirm what we’ve long known — New York’s airports are the most delayed in the nation,” Joe Sitt, chairman and founder of Global Gateway Alliance, said in a statement. “And it’s only getting worse for millions of passengers.”

A Port Authority spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

While New York airports are certainly the slowest in the country to fly into, a small consolation is they are getting better. And the biggest improvement is Newark: 75.42% of flights arrived on schedule in 2015, a big increase from 2014 when only 71.34% of flights did.

When it came to departures out of the city, JFK was your best bet with 77.9% of flights taking off on time. Newark, however, only successfully got 74.59% of flights off on time, according to the survey.

This was a slight improvement from 2014, when 71.26% of flights took off when scheduled. But LaGuardia dropped eight places on the list, ranked 18th in the country in 2014, and 26th in the country in 2015.

But New York was not the worst in the country: Chicago’s Midway airport held that honor again with only 74.48% of flights taking off when they were scheduled to. This was a big jump in efficiency for Chicago, since only 65.71% flights took off on time in 2014.

The survey used data from the Bureau of Transportation’s Airline On-Time Statistics.