Letters and Comments, Week of Oct. 23, 2013

Liberal social police

To The Editor:
After a long, hard day at work, Al Bundy — like many hardworking New Yorkers — should be able to enjoy a brew along with an adult dancer.

He would be disappointed in “Strip clubs or not, committee says no to cabaret license” (news article, Oct. 9 – 22), but would be happy with “Jiggle joint’s finishing touches” (news article, Oct. 9 – 22).

Adult entertainment, including lap dances, pole dancers and topless bars, has been part of many men’s right of passage transcending generations.

If anyone ever conducted an anonymous survey, results would reveal members of Community Board 1 along with public officials and their employees have in their younger days frequented an adult entertainment establishment.

Can any males say with a straight face that they never attended any fraternity, family or friend’s bachelor party where adult entertainment was present?

Ditto for females.

Despite the best efforts of both government and the moral majority social police to outlaw adult entertainment establishments and services, (like alcohol prohibition in the 1920s) it has been a total failure.

Those who opposed these businesses from obtaining a license from the State Liquor Authority need to loosen up, hoist a pint and get a lap dance or two at a local neighborhood adult club.

The owners of any adult entertainment establishment provide gainful employment to cooks, bartenders, waitresses, dancers and security personnel.

How disappointing to see progressive liberals throwing their lot in with the so-called moral majority social police and politically extreme reactionary conservatives.

Individual economic and civil liberties prosper best when government stays out of both the bedroom and marketplace.
Larry Penner


Hughes Corp. & city agree on plan for Seaport Museum (Posted, Oct. 17):  For the sake of the seaport museum, the Peking Ship, 2nd largest sail boat in the world, was obtained as a war prize from Germany after WWII. What about if Bloomberg donates five million dollars to reserve that glorious ship! I didn’t mentioned Trump ‘cause I don’t want to see his name on the ship . ozzy Bardissy

Here in Rotterdam the head of this maritime museum told me Peking has three sister ships. not very unique…. But i do hope the ships dont get lost in this rearanging-refurbishment of the real estate at our seaport  –Carter craft

It is true that there are other ships similar to Peking that were built for F. Laeisz around the same time.

However, Peking is an important part of the South Street Seaport waterfront. Her towering masts and vast size help to suggest what South Street looked like when it was lined with sailing ships.

I don’t trust the CEO of Howard Hughes when he says “we’ve got a very, very exciting plan…” adding “It’s going to be dynamic….” It probably means his corporation will take over the museum’s upper floors for luxury condos and leave one floor for exhibition space…. 

We in the community want to know why they are not letting Community Board 1 and Councilperson Chin look at the plans for the Museum’s spaces, the landmarked Tin Building and the old Fulton Fish Market (New Market) building.  jfcatowner

“Banksy’s Twin Towers tribute draws crowds to Tribeca alley” (Posted, Oct. 18):

Interesting that a commemorative work of art of 9/11 and the twin towers that acknowledges the attacks and thus our actual memories of the event should strike such a cord amongst downtowners and visitors.

This honest, simple design carries a truth that the grandiose, billion dollar extravaganza at WTC sadly lacks.   –Michael Burke