Letters to the Editor

More than a friend

To The Editor:

Re “Beloved blogger Arihood’s loss leaves a hole in heart of Ave. A” (obituary, Oct. 6):

Bob, we love and will miss you dearly. Now that you have joined the departed, do me a favor: Double-check the climate thing while you’re out there — my hip is acting up. Plus, when you get to the big park in the sky, tell ’em you haven’t seen me or Jesse.

Till we meet again. You were the best. May the wind be at your back as you dance through the stars.

Thank you for being more than a friend and family.

Jim Power a.k.a. “Mosaic Man”

Bob’s praise meant a lot

To The Editor:

Re “Beloved blogger Arihood’s loss leaves a hole in heart of Ave. A” (obituary, Oct. 6):

Bob was a great man doing everything he could to document the neighborhood. I am sorry I could not be at his memorial as I live out West. I am a fellow photographer and when Bob told me he liked my new work I felt very complimented. Bob told me with pride how his blog was mentioned by an N.Y.U. course on modern photojournalism — that this was a real project and what students should be aiming for. I saw him last June when I was in town and was very glad I spent a few last days together with him.

David Seelig

A special and kind man

To The Editor:

Re “Beloved blogger Arihood’s loss leaves a hole in heart of Ave. A” (obituary, Oct. 6):

Thank you for writing this. It is so beautiful. Bob was special and so kind.

R.I.P., Bob, wherever you may roam.

Rebecca Moore

Write on, Siegel!

Re “Beloved blogger Arihood’s loss leaves a hole in heart of Ave. A” (obituary, Oct. 6):

Thanks, Jefferson. For a photographer, you sure have a way with words!

Shawn Chittle

N.Y.U. mega-plan isn’t civil

To The Editor:

Re “C.B. 2 angered after N.Y.U. goes to the media first” (news article, Sept. 29):

The informative article about Community Board 2’s anger with N.Y.U. contains a statement from university V.P. Alicia Hurley:

“It is hard for us not to notice the lack of civility with which we are treated when we do go before the community board.”

Civility? Civility has nothing whatsoever to do with N.Y.U.’s inviolate intentions to bring to fruition a community-destroying project, involving 2 million square feet of construction, which will effectively bulldoze the available light and air in the area. All the while, the university has been conducting a series of meetings with the community members — a sort of listening tour — at which N.Y.U. listens to no community concerns at all and reports otherwise to the media. Does it come as any surprise that these meetings are frequently headed by the eye-rolling, pseudo-civil Ms. Hurley? Puh-lease!

June Tennyson

Umm…that’s Lynne Stewart

To The Editor:

When is your newspaper going to stop being an advocate and propagandist for this convicted felon Lynn Samuels [sic]?

She got a fair trial, a fair appeal and was sentenced to 10 years in prison!

You say “allegedly” carrying messages. I beg to differ — she was convicted!

As a former Villager, I was living Downtown at Battery Park City in 1993 when the followers of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman blew up a truck bomb in the parking garage under the World Trade Center! Only dumb luck prevented a tragedy similar to the later one on 9/11/01!

Now when terrorists act against our country, why are you protecting Lynn Samuels [sic]?

She was disbarred for her conduct! The translator who helped her was also convicted in this plot.

I have seen article after article in this newspaper sympathetic to Lynn Samuels [sic]. Why?

She is despicable to use her position as an attorney to undermine the United States and its rules of law!

Tough s— that she has diabetes. Tell that to the relatives of the people who died in February 1993 and the people who were injured and their families. Those deaths and injuries were caused by the sheikh and his followers!

I am sure if you really look hard, really try, you can find some decent, hard-working people to write about — not trash like Lynn Samuels [sic]!

Joseph Marra

More than merely keys

To The Editor:

Re “For locksmith, creativity is the key to happiness” (news article, Sept. 15):

Really cool and interesting article. As a fellow locksmith (in Texas), I can really appreciate this work and the meaning. Keys are symbolic, and at first glance, may seem just repetitive and the same. But actually they carry a lot of history with them and are each unique.

Nimi Zackay

Sign of the (former) times

To The Editor:

The recent removal of the longtime newsstand at W. Fourth Street and Sixth Ave. in front of the old Waverly Theater, now the IFC Center, has revealed an old sign on the subway entrance. The weathered signage says, “8th Avenue Independent Subway System.”

I’m wondering how many people these days know what the old I.N.D. was, and how it differed from the I.R.T. and B.M.T.? You may want to get a photo of it before it is replaced by one of the bright new signs with the colored lettering for the A, B, C, D, E and F trains that use that station.

Bob McLoughlin

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