Letters to The Editor, Dec. 1, 2016

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

Laughable left-wing pap

To The Editor:

Re “Electors must dump Donald Trump or we’re doomed” (Global Village, Bill Weinberg, Dec. 24):

I read Weinberg’s essay….pathetic, ridiculous, mindless. That you folks give it so much space tells me you have nothing better to fill the paper.

Ought not it be thought that someone might support Donald? Would that be so painful to publish something that justifies Trump’s win? There is much out there.

Weinberg is an old lefty without being able to think. It’s laughable and not too sad.

I am still laughing that Trump won, and Clinton is now forgotten, for all practical purposes. Amusing, this life.

Bert Zackim



It’s a little late now…

To The Editor:

Re “Revolted New Yorkers are in open revolt vs. Trump” (news article, Nov. 17):

Too bad all these people did not show up in Cleveland to join me in protesting Trump at the Republican National Convention. … A little late now.

Also, too bad that the Democratic Party screwed Bernie Sanders and pushed Hillary Clinton when she clearly has a boatload of baggage. Even though Clinton won the popular vote, her campaign strategy of spending the summer with high-profile big-money donors and not targeting the swing states until too late put Trump in the White House.

Meanwhile, President-elect Donald Trump, whose home is located in Trump Tower, in Midtown Manhattan, seems to have no concern that his continued use of that location for his transition is causing massive security and crowd control problems for the City of New York, Homeland Security and the Secret Service.

He said he wanted to cut back on government spending during his campaign. Now, he seems not to care about the security costs that are being incurred by his use of the Trump Tower location, as well as the costs to businesses in the area and the problems he is causing to others who live in Trump Tower, whom he made profits off of when they bought expensive apartments from him.

Simply put, he should move to another location as soon as possible and do everyone a big favor and cut down on unnecessary government spending because of his apparent lack of concern for the taxpayers.

John Penley



Burned up over Hell Square

To The Editor:

Re “There’s a reason they call it Hell Square” (Clayton, by Clayton Patterson, Nov. 17):

Clayton Patterson has lived through the finest of times and the most despicable of times. These are the despicable ones. The whole city is a wealthy trust-fund vacuum of greed and realty expansion.

What doubly hurts is to see entire communities of artists, writers, dancers, musicians, theater folks and activists torn up at the roots and driven out of the city. Their homes then become the overpriced condo nests of imbecilic trust-fund brats and Internet airheads who spend the whole week economically raping the city and pour into Clayton’s neighborhood after hours to get vomiting drunk and cavort through the streets like Nazi brownshirts on holiday.

What Clayton is saying is that the erosion of the quality of life, its denigration into beer hall thuggishness and blockheaded drunkenness, goes hand in hand with the decline of our cities into stomping grounds for emaciated Miley Cyrus lookalikes and Liam Hemsworth clones.

What he’s saying is that the brainless and illiterate slumming biz bros who march into his neighborhood like they own it, and defile it with their blood, semen, puke, blood, urine, voices, faces and money, are invaders, intruders, who have no right or reason to be there. What Clayton is saying is: The ship is burning, it’s going down and none of you, not a single one, knows how to swim.

Alan Kaufman



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