Letters to The Editor, Week of November 30, 2017

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

‘Can’t make this up’

To The Editor:

Re “Trumped-up dorm rally used hired actors” (news article, Nov. 23):

Singer shows his true colors yet again. He even wouldn’t pay his partners. Thirty thousand dollars a month paid by others for him to manage that? No wonder he hasn’t done anything legal there. That explains it all.

And that Temple Carr and crew…egads. It is to laugh. Have they no shame? In cahoots with this ilk? Sure, the sales of war-torn mines’ gold and silver pay for obliviousness.

Trump’s phonies, a guy jailed for bribery, Gregg Singer, a terrible tapas restaurateur, a jeweler of the 1 percent — you can’t make this stuff up. Only here.

Act swiftly, de Blasio.

Linda Trujilla


‘You’d be shocked’

To The Editor:

Re “Trumped-up dorm rally used hired actors” (news article, Nov. 23):

When the full extent of the city’s illegal obstruction in violation of existing zoning and building laws is known, New Yorkers will be shocked at the level of political corruption.

Gregg Singer


‘Just negate the sale’

To The Editor:

Re “Trumped-up dorm rally used hired actors” (news article, Nov. 23):

About time The Villager had a really good and properly researched investigative news article on this subject, going further than the Daily Snooze, which, in an act not seen in decades, actually broke a story like this one.

It’s funny how Singer whines about not being able to do what he pleases with this formerly city-owned building, but fails to reveal the terms by which he acquired this property under a sweet, unheard-of deal, with assistance by then-City Councilmember Antonio Pagan and his bunk buddy Mayor Giuliani. That would be shocking to most New Yorkers, wouldn’t it, Gregg?

By rights, the city of New York should negate the sale of this property, returning to Mr. Singer only what he paid for it, or use eminent domain to restore this property to the community, for which it was built. The city has the power to do either. What is it waiting for?

The really sick part about all of this is, as Singer sits on this blighted property, allowing it to rot away for 20 years, this property, in the current insanely hyper-inflated real estate market, only continues to increase in value.

I suppose that Singer stubbornly figures he can simply wait us all out: politicians, community groups, neighbors opposed to his plans, etc. But he has figured wrong.

Chris Flash


‘Make it happen, Mayor!’

To The Editor:

Re “Trumped-up dorm rally used hired actors” (news article, Nov. 23):

So Singer is paying himself $30,000 a month to hold this beautiful old building hostage, blighting the block for 19 years and thumbing his nose at the community? That’s a pretty sweet gig.

But the neighborhood desperately needs space for schools and the arts, and that building is a civic treasure. Take it back, fix it up, put it to work for the community again.

Dude’s been sitting on that golden egg long enough. His investors (I bet they include some of his handful of actual neighborhood supporters) will have to take a haircut.

Make it happen, Mayor! Thanks, Rosie and all who have been fighting the good fight on this for years.

Matthew Arnold


Very onboard with ferries

To The Editor:

Re “C.B. 2 floats idea: Increase ferries along the West Side” (news article, Nov. 23):

Older ferries can emit unwanted levels of air pollution. However, all new ferries must have low-pollution (Tier 3) engines, which are now powering the recently built citywide ferry fleet. Fortunately, there is no black smoke.

Just like other methods of transportation, ferries are getting cleaner. More surface traffic would reduce already-slow speeds on Route 9A and probably add more pollution. Ferries will actually benefit children by giving them awareness of, and access to, our waterways. Many will become users (swim, kayak, sail), stewards and advocates for this incredible natural resource.

Tom Fox


Degenerate Donald

To The Editor:

Of course the fake president is going to support an accused child molester like Roy Moore. He is, after all, a degenerate himself.

Jerry Wade
a.k.a. Jerry The Peddler


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