New York City ‘subway hero’ wins over $52K from Publishers Clearing House

Wesley Autrey, the winner of the Publishers Clearing House prize.
Wesley Autrey, the winner of the Publishers Clearing House prize.
Photo courtesy of Publishers Clearing House

The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, America’s most welcome drop-in visitors, surprised a New York City man known as the Subway Hero on Dec 22.

Wesley Autrey is just one of the millions of everyday people who entered the PCH Sweepstakes in hopes of getting that unexpected knock on the door. The Award Patrol showed up at Autrey’s home bearing a massive prize certificate, balloons and bouquets of roses.

Autrey yelled “My guy!” as he saw the Prize Patrol outside his apartment building.

A Publishers Clearing House custom is to surprise the winner with a recorded announcement. However, Autrey had already been caught on tape before this prize surprise. He was hailed as New York’s “Subway Hero” in 2007 for saving a young guy who was having a seizure moments before a train arrived at a busy stop by jumping into the subway tracks.

Although the focus had nothing to do with that celebrated event, one check was for a brand new Ford Bronco Wildtrak, while the other was for the cash value option of $52,820.00.

Photo courtesy of Publishers Clearing House

“This is a dream come true! I love the Bronco — that’s a really cool car,” said Autrey.

However, he eventually decided to go with the cash.

As he left his building and onto the street, huge crowds of people applauded and congratulated him. Autrey revealed he would use the funds to support his mother and daughters.

In 1953, Publishers Clearing House was established in Port Washington, New York. Its brand is now synonymous with the contests and awards it has employed since 1967, giving out more than $500 million in total. The Publishers Clearing House donates about half of its income to nonprofit organizations that support anything from the environment to social services.

Customers can participate in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes by downloading the PCH app or going to the business’ website. For more information, visit pch.com.