‘No violence,’ rapper stresses after club slay

BY MICHAEL OSSORGUINE | As New York rapper Troy Ave was being arrested and charged in a fatal shooting at rapper T.I.’s concert on May 25, Irving Plaza was busy canceling concerts, including shows by rappers Joey Bada$$ and Mac Miller on June 2 and 3, respectively.

“If there’s a miscommunication between anybody, it needs to be dealt with properly — no violence,” CLOCKWORKDJ, the opening act for Mac Miller, stressed.

CLOCKWORKDJ says “miscommunication needs to be dealt with properly” — i.e., peacefully.
CLOCKWORKDJ says “miscommunication needs to be dealt with properly” — i.e., peacefully.

Troy Ave, who is now being held in jail on Rikers Island, has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. He is now saying he acted in self-defense because someone was trying to “assassinate” him, according to the Daily News.

Asked if the tragic Gramercy shooting is sending a chill through the rap world, CLOCKWORKDJ said they’re trying to keep things positive.

“We’re not trippin’, though — we’re happy,” he said.

All tickets to the scrapped Irving Place gigs were refunded. Diehard fans likely scalped tickets to the Governors Ball Music Festival on Randalls Island on Saturday, where the two rappers played sets with record turnout.

Other shows canceled or postponed because of the Irving Plaza shooting were Vince Staples and a few concerts at Gramercy Theater, The New York Times reported.

On a personal note, CLOCKWORKDJ said he is excited by the prospect of hopefully “going gold” after recently signing a deal with artistic management group CEG Entertainment, based in Manhattan’s Garment District.