Coyote spotted in Middle Village

They’re just popping up everywhere.

The coyote “takeover” of the Big Apple continued Monday in Queens.

Police chased another coyote through the streets of Middle Village and Juniper Valley Park after it was spotted resting in a driveway. Officers responded to a call of a coyote outside a house at Eliot Avenue between 62nd and 63rd Streets around 10 a.m., after neighbors and park employees found the anmal earlier in the morning.

“He was just resting there doing nothing,” said Joe Petito, 24, who lives next door to the house where the coyote was spotted. “The wildest things we see here are raccoons.”

Petito, a college student who was at home during his day, said he and his neighbors watched in awe as 10 cops slowly walked towards the coyote and tried to catch it with a net. Just as they were about to snag it, the coyote woke up and started running towards the park.

“People were doing their regular thing in the park and then you have this coyote come at you, it’s like ‘What the hell?’” Petito said.

It hasn’t been captured as of Monday evening, police said.

This marks the seventh coyote sighting in the city this year. On Saturday, officers captured a runaway coyote near the World Trade Center. Another coyote was spotted in Long Island City on March 30, but that animal eluded capture.

Animal Care & Control treated four out of the the seven coyotes and later released them into a special wilderness area in the Bronx.

Experts predict that New Yorkers will be seeing more of these animals in the near future.

Ivan Pereira