NYC ELECTION STATS: Early ballot numbers show leads for Adams for mayor, Lander for comptroller

Photo by Dean Moses

Although official results won’t be finalized until July 12, below you will find the preliminary results from the city’s Board of Elections for New York City Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, Manhattan borough president and Manhattan district attorney.

These results reflect the number reported at 10:45 p.m. None of the results are expected to be finalized Tuesday, as the BOE has yet to count tens of thousands of mailed or delivered absentee ballots.

Mayor’s race

In the race for mayor, Eric Adams is holding a lead with 30.71% of the votes recorded so far. Maya Wiley holds the second place slot with 21.12% of votes, followed closely behind by Kathryn Garcia with 20.78%. On the Republican ticket, Curtis Sliwa holds 69.08% of the votes.

Public advocate’s race

Incumbent Jumaane Williams holds 69.78% of the vote with over 85% of scanners reporting. 

Comptroller’s race

For City Comptroller, Brad Lander is holding the lead with 31.19% of the votes based on 85.09% of scanners reporting.

Manhattan Borough president

In the race for Manhattan Borough President, the preliminary results are neck and neck between Mark Levine and Brad Hoylman, with Levine holding 27.72% of the votes compared to Hoylman’s 27.37%.

District attorney

Editor’s note: This race, unlike all other city contest, will NOT be decided by ranked choice voting. Vote for only one candidate in this winner-take-all contest.

Throughout the evening, Alvin Bragg held the lead for Manhattan District Attorney, who holds 34.68% of the votes with over 84% of scanners reporting.

Manhattan City Council Races

as of 11:15 p.m.

District 1

With 90% of precincts reporting, Christopher Marte holds the lead with 40.17% of the votes.

District 2

Carlina Rivera maintains her lead over Erin Hussein with 73.36% of the votes, appearing to win her seat outright with the high percentage of votes so far.

District 3

Erik Bottcher held a consistent lead all night, with a tally of 48.16% of votes so far with 89.86% of precincts reporting.

District 5

Julie Menin has maintained a steady lead throughout the night with 33.92% of votes and over 89% of scanners reporting so far.

District 6

Gale Brewer appears poised to secure more than 54% of the vote to win the seat outright for District 6.

District 7

Shaun Abreu has 27.57% of the votes counted so far with 85.82% of scanners reporting for District 7.

District 8

With over 94% of scanners reporting, incumbent Diana Ayala has seemingly secured her seat in District 8 with 56.04% of the votes.

District 9

Bill Perkins pulled ahead with 20.52% of the votes, followed closely behind by Kristin Richardson Jordan with 19.54% of the votes.

District 10

Carmen N. De La Rosa maintained a consistent lead in District 10 with 40.81% of the votes tallied so far.

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