NYC weather for Mother’s Day weekend: Rain, and more rain

Consider gifting your mother a nice umbrella this weekend, because weather forecasts for Mother’s Day are looking dreadful.

Rains expected Friday night due to a nor’easter did hold off until early morning Saturday, though New Yorkers should look for about 2 inches of rain by the end of the day, National Weather Service meteorologist Faye Barthold said.

In the city, we’re looking at “steady rain all day,” Barthold said, which “should pick up in intensity this afternoon,” with potentially heavy rainfall mid-afternoon into the evening. The rain should taper off by night. Saturday will also be breezy, especially for those living along shoreline.

Temperatures Saturday should be in the mid-50s today, “which is pretty cool for this time of year.”

Mother’s Day is expected to be warmer, in the mid-60s, but the breeziness continues. And showers are expected throughout the day, “especially in the afternoon,” Barthold said.

Things should dry out by next week, according to AccuWeather, with a high of 64 degrees expected on Monday and 71 degrees predicted for Tuesday.

With amNY.com staff.